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Incentivizing Mode Shift: the Try Parking It App

Over two weeks, the Popken PopUp team hosted a popup "Commuter Coffee Bar" experience for Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) train riders to advertise the benefits of logging trips on the Try Parking It app, developed by Agile Mile for the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

The events engaged morning commuters at DFW rail stations with the highest ridership, visiting two rail stations twice to encourage familiarity and intrigue with commuters. Popken PopUps staff chatted with commuters as they awaited the arrival of their train.

“This is a really cute coffee setup.” - DART Security Officer

The event promoted TPI to commuters who already use transit and may be interested in earning rewards and sharing the app with their network.

“My friend told me about the app, can I have a flier please?” - 2nd day at Parker Rd Station

Overall, a total of 129 cups of coffee were served, 70 fliers, and 160 branded stickers with QR codes to app information were distributed to individuals.

“I got the app!” - 2nd day at Parker Rd Station

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