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Announcing: Cultivate Collaborative & The Cultivating Strong Towns Workshop

The way we have been planning and building our cities over the past 60 years has resulted in fragile local economies, escalating service costs, disconnected residents, and generic places not worth caring about. We need more city leaders and professionals to cast aside the status quo and adopt a new approach if we want our communities to be prosperous and resilient places well into the future.

Facilitated by the CULTIVATE! Collaborative and special guests Chuck Marohn and Monte Anderson, this new workshop pulls together proven and emerging strategies from Strong Towns, incremental development, economic gardening and more into one jam-packed day. Join elected officials, city staff, developers, planning and design professionals and others from across Texas to dig into the challenges our cities are facing and explore practical steps you can take right now to help your community:

  • Engage and emplower citizens to invest their time, talent and treasure into their neighborhoods

  • Get more done with existing resources

  • Grow a unique and self-sustaining economy

Don't just talk about the need for change -- become a CULTIVATOR and lead change!

Registration includes lunch, light snacks and refreshments throughout the day. Continuing education credits request pending.

The Cultivate Collaborative team brings together Kevin Shepard and Jordan Clark of Verdunity; Matt Lewis of Simplicity Design, and Amanda Popken for a dynamic toolbox for reshaping cities, and making stronger towns and communities.

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