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We Are Storytellers.

We are an award-winning community engagement firm specializing in creative engagement, placemaking, and tactical urbanism. We align a toolbox of urban planning and sustainable development strategies within our community engagement framework to build resilient neighborhoods and places people love.

The places we love - and love to create - with their strong networks of inclusive acquaintanceships and engaging urban design, create an ideal backdrop for local economic development and deeper, fuller community.

We are experts at building community - we bring a deep understanding of the ways people and places can create thriving, healthy, and well-connected daily lives for all. We support strategies that develop sustainable economic development to build resilient neighborhoods and cities.

Our work carefully considers the environmental impact as well as the social impact of creating inclusive community spaces. Our project framework, with these considerations, enhances the lasting connections among locals, visitors, and a place itself.

Popken PopUps is a Woman-owned business and Certified DBE by the North Central Texas Council of Governments. 

Our projects make the world a better place...

Micromobility Systems

Bike lanes are mobility lanes! For a wheelchair, scooter, roller-skate, skateboard: pick your wheels and get around easier. 

Walkable Urban Places

A human-scaled, green environment, with the services that residents and businesses need, without having to drive across town.


Not just anywhere, HERE. There's a synergy when things that make a place unique, comfortable, and worth visiting again are in harmony.

Housing & Business Diversity

For all stages of life, sizes of families, and personal preferences, homes should take all forms. Businesses of all sizes strengthen our economy & build local wealth.


Amanda holds a Masters in City & Regional Planning and is accredited as a CNU-A professional from the Congress for the New Urbanism and LEED-AP certified from the US Green Building Council. She served on the Dallas Plan Commission and on the Boards of CNU-North Texas and the Atlantic Housing Foundation. Her expertise includes a diversity of roles from creative and "niche" engagement to community-wide public meetings, including public space activations and temporary demonstrations, popup retail, zoning consultation, neighborhood strategic planning, multi-modal transportation events and infrastructure demonstrations, and local entrepreneur cultivation. 

Amy is a mobility and city planner with policy experience, international perspective, and community focus. She holds a Master of Science in Transport and City Planning (MSTCP), University College London, Bartlett School of Planning, London UK.

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Transportation Planner


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Yolanda Alameda

Senior Community Strategist

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Yolanda holds a Masters in Social Work and a National Life Coach Certification. With  over 25 years of experience in municipal arts administration, health care, and community engagement , Yolanda understands what makes cities tick and what makes people tick. She's a native Dallasite and sees her purpose as a resource to local communities to help demystify government processes that can seem beyond grasp; to inform and inspire active engagement in the processes that can have profound impacts on a community. 

She has served as the Assistant Director of the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture and Director of the City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department.

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