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A Plan for Bandera, Cowboy Capital of the World

Simplecity Design is changing the way a city's Comprehensive Plan set the course of growth and development. Not only will the plan for Bandera be a vision document but it will also reflect the new changes in zoning code for the town.

In Bandera, approaching growth from sprawling San Antonio and Austin threatens to change the very fabric that makes this historic cowboy town stand out.

Like many towns across the US, Bandera adopted the standard euclidean zoning which separates uses and (most importantly) requires new development to be designed for the automobile. Which mean that historic downtowns and walkable mixed-use places (like historic Bandera) are illegal to build. Every new Tractor Supply or grocery store simply builds what's required by code and it automatically sticks out like a sore thumb and changes the built landscape of this charming old town.

What this comprehensive plan will do for Bandera will be to once again legalize what's already built and require that new development in various parts of town fit the development patterns of that specific character district of town.

Popken Development is leading community engagement along with the Simplecity Design team during 2020-2021.


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