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Guest Lecture for Gresham Smith

Building Communities One Project Site at a Time:

In Conversation with Amanda Popken on the Role of Architects and Engineers with Placemaking

August 17th Sustainability and Resiliency Learning Lab Speaker Series

Teaser Description:

Every Gresham Smith design and engineering project is located in a community. Join us as we bring in our first external Learning Lab presenter, a recognized urban (community) planner, who will speak to how decisions of connectivity made at the individual project site level contribute to sustainable economic development and build resilient neighborhoods and cities. Creating thriving, healthy, and well-connected daily lives takes intention.

This session is focused on the intersection of architecture and engineering, including transportation and utility networks, with placemaking. Come explore the opportunities – and impacts – of creating inclusive community spaces that account for near- and long-term economic, social and environmental goals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Visualize the benefits and challenges of varying levels of community resilience and sustainable economic development related to connectivity.

  • Describe the process and key project milestones for engaging with community stakeholders and recommended input to inform design.

  • Inform the value of stakeholder engagement with adjacent neighborhoods as an integral component of the project design and construction process.

  • Build awareness of the term “placemaking” and its applicability to site design by architects and engineers.

Presenter: Amanda Popken, CEO

Popken PopUps and Community Engagement

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