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Placemaking for the Win! Workshop with Keep Texas Beautiful

Maybe you've used placemaking for a few events. Maybe you've just dipped your toe into the river of placemaking ideas. What is placemaking anyway?

In this workshop with Keep Texas Beautiful conference attendees, we explored the different types of placemaking activities that can: create a more welcoming neighborhood where locals feel connected and care about upkeep, spur economic development, bring the community together, and galvanize a vision for a place that needs love.

This Workshop-style session with the Amanda Popken Development team walked through the placemaking framework to identify the need, the partners, the action plan, and the outreach strategy to use placemaking as your secret weapon for keeping your town and neighborhoods beautiful.

After the presentation we talked Vacancy Tax with staff from the City of Marshall, searching for absentee landlords, working with difficult property owners who may value their properties too high or may not realize that demand has grown and it's time to fix up their building to lease it out!

Our favorite resources shared with the group:

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