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Placemaking in Downtown Plano

In October we built a parklet where we discussed bike parking designs and bike culture in Plano, and where attendees to the Strongtowns Regional Gathering came to talk about building a strong town. We were so please to provide a place where strong town attendees could see a real installation of the change they were discussing, could talk about what they were learning, and decompress in the sunshine. Bike DFW joined the conversation on Day 2 engaging Downtown Plano visitors in the conversation.

Then in May, the games came out! The Downtown Art Festival debuted our set of placemaking games including the biggest beer pong you've ever seen, corn hole, and even tangrams! Did you ever plan with tangrams when you were little? The shapes combine for all kinds of amazing animals. Downtown Plano is really blossoming into a neighborhood community - and even more new residents will be moving into brand new apartments soon!

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