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Our Commitment to Diversity & Sustainability

Begins with the understanding that our world and our experience in it has been designed to get the results we experience in our everyday life, whether intentionally or inadvertently. From the policies and opportunities we construct, to the framework from which we prioritize our budgets and design our city plans.

We at AP Development share an understanding of our world with the Congress for the New Urbanism Charter which states that

"...physical solutions by themselves will not solve social and economic problems, but neither can economic vitality, community stability, and environmental health be sustained without a coherent and supportive physical framework."

Our practice of placemaking and urban planning is squarely based on the understanding that we have the power and responsibility to continue to reshape our world to make it place that fosters the values we share in America: freedom and opportunity.

We know our country was founded on opportunistic development that marginalized and oppressed "others". We cannot change the past. But we all share the responsibility of facing up to our history of transgressions and making sure everyone realizes what exactly happened and how it happened so we are not doomed to repeat history.

By taking this active approach, we are mindful to continually seek new solutions to age old problems. We, a civilization of humans across the globe, continue redefining and reimagining how we live together. Although the way we live right NOW may seem the way it's "always been", we live in a continuum of time and are free to re-decide the decisions we've made in the past. We are free to re-determine our priorities, objectives, and goals.

We commit to continually seek improvement.

At AP Development we share with the Congress for the New Urbanism the view that

"...disinvestment in central cities, the spread of placeless sprawl, increasing separation by race and income, environmental deterioration, loss of agricultural lands and wilderness, and the erosion of society's built heritage as one interrelated community building challenge."

We are seeing the evolution of new trends in urban planning now that create the opportunities and freedom of choice for many different types of lifestyles with many options for housing, transportation, and the life-giving creation of community relationships.

Cities have been valuable for centuries as a place that provides opportunity. A melting pot of ideas, businesses, and the lives of creative and driven people, creating new connections and solving new problems every day. As our cities continue to evolve, we strive to make these places that provide more freedom of choice and more opportunity for all.

We seek to refine the American Dream to provide safety, security, health, wealth, and opportunity for all. Let's work together.

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